Haywards Heath

This area of land adjoins Haywards Heath mainline railway station.and zoned for redevelopemnt.

Master planning is underway to explore the mix of uses available to meet tenant demand. The site is capable of accommodating up to 150,000 sq ft net of B1 offices with on site parking or a combination of retail, B1 offices, hotel and/or residential.

Schematics below cover the first principles for a B1 office led scheme but other alternative uses, such as a retail led development, are also shown.

  • Off_Perry_01_Med
  • AssMan_Perry_01_Med
  • AssMan_Perry_02_Med
  • AssMan_Perry_03_Med
  • AssMan_Perry_04_Med
  • AssMan_Perry_05_Med
  • AssMan_Perry_06_Med
  • AssMan_Perry_07_Med
  • AssMan_Perry_08_Med
  • AssMan_Perry_09_Med
  • AssMan_Perry_10_Med
  • AssMan_Perry_11_Med
  • Map
  • AssMan_Perry_01_Sml
  • AssMan_Perry_02_Sml
  • AssMan_Perry_03_Sml
  • AssMan_Perry_04_Sml
  • AssMan_Perry_05_Sml
  • AssMan_Perry_06_Sml
  • AssMan_Perry_07_Sml
  • AssMan_Perry_08_Sml
  • AssMan_Perry_09_Sml
  • AssMan_Perry_10_Sml
  • AssMan_Perry_11_Sml